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  1. Yes Attractive women are distracting. Exactly – Tired of the critical days – change your sex !!!!! Funny Picture caption: “Ass. Front view ”Seven nannies have … fourteen boobs – fun That’s right – No matter how much vodka you take, you still run twice! (wisdom). He put on a slight fright. What is it from? Intereno that Drink seven times – drink once! whether the site of the enema can be changed. Girls lack femininity, and women lack virginity. This is exactly the Sculptural Group: Hercules tearing the mouth of a peeing boy. This cool Badge on a 150-kilogram man ha Progress made sockets inaccessible to most children – the most gifted die. ))) My friend’s wife is not a woman for me … But if she is pretty. … … he is not my friend)))


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  5. Well, you are going too far. I do not agree, this cannot be, we cannot allow this. Straight a storm in my soul arose. Yesterday I read about the frequent accidents of airliners, they write that now they fall 12 times more often than 20 years ago.


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